Hot Kale Salad (kaori mitchell)

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Another easy and delicious Kale recipe - it also keeps well in the refrigerator for few days, so you can cook it ahead if you'd like. Enjoy.

Preparation time:
Cooking time: 20

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners
Serves: 2


1 Bunch of Kale - (leaves and stems, both chopped in bite size)
1 cup Shitake Mushroom - Sliced
1 1/2 or 2 cup Chicken or Vegetable broth
2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 tbsp Lemon Juice
1 tsp Lemon Zest
1 tsp chopped Italian parsley
1 cup Mini tomato (cut in half) or Diced tomato
Salt and Pepper


1. In medium frying pan, heat up 2 tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and start cooking chopped Kale. If you can, start cooking the stem part first for about 3 min before throwing in leaves.
Season it with salt and pepper.
2. Once the color of kale start changing to deep green, put Shitake Mushroom. Pour the broth in and put a lid on the pan, bring the heat down to medium low, and cook it for about 4~6 min.
3. Check to see if stem is cooked through. If not, add bit more of broth and keep cooking until stem cooks to the desirable texture.
4. Stop the heat and mix 1 tbsp of Lemon Juice.
5. In the serving bawl, mix cut tomato with cooked kale and garnish it with lemon zest and chopped Italian parsley.

You can also serve it cold.


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