Michelle's Easy Salmon Fettucine

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Preparation time:
Cooking time: :10

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners
Serves: 4


1 box fettuccini (or papardalle) pasta
1 pint heavy cream
8 cloves crushed garlic
1lb salmon (boneless/skinless)
1 (6 oz bag) asiago or parmesan cheese
Chopped parsley
Olive oil
Sea salt
*1/4 tsp nutmeg (optional)
*1/4 tsp cayenne pepper (optional)


* Set noodles to boil noodles w/ sea salt for :11 (the 12th minute of cooking time will actually be IN the sauce). Water should be as salty as the sea!
* Cook minced garlic in pan with a swirl of olive oil over low heat. Don’t let the garlic get brown.
* Pour in cream, increase heat to medium-low. Continue to stir & don’t let sauce bubble over.
* Slowly add3/4 of the cheese as you are stirring the sauce – will thicken sauce
* Lay in salmon to poach in sauce (approx :10). If skin is still on salmon, carefully remove from sauce then split salmon up in chunks, otherwise…
* Take two forks and shred the salmon in pan into small pieces
* When pasta is almost done (@ :11 minutes in boiling water), during the last minute of cooking, strain noodles and add to sauce.
* Let noodles cook in sauce for the remaining 1 minute (add parsley, nutmeg and/or cayenne pepper here)
* Serve; pepper to taste; sprinkle remaining cheese on top

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