Chilli Spring Rolls

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Great use-up for leftover Chilli, they just lurk in your freezer, ready for you to throw in the deep fryer and suprise unsuspecting guests ;)

Preparation time: 0:20
Cooking time: 0:06

Difficulty: Medium - some experience needed
Serves: 4


Leftover Chilli (Basic/Sweet/Smoky BBQ, see my other recipes)
Filo Pastry


* Fold a sheet of Filo Pastry in half, then cut down the middle. You should be left with 2 A5-sized doubled up sheets of Filo
* Place a spoonful of Chilli at one end, leaving a 1.5cm gap
* Fold the end over the Chilli then fold in the sides
* Brush the remaining Filo with water and roll it up
* Repeat until you've used up your chilli
* Freeze

When you want to cook them, simply Deep-Fry from frozen. Nice..

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