Tilapia fish tacos- 2nd place at Dr. GONZO's Xtreme Charcoal Grilling Challenge (Round IV)

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Kelly M. used this recipe to score 2nd place at Dr. GONZO's Xtreme Charcoal Grilling Challenge (Round IV)

Preparation time: ?
Cooking time: ?

Difficulty: Medium - some experience needed
Serves: ?


No quantities given - all to taste

Dr. Gonzo's Wazoo Juice
fresh lime
Dr. Gonzo's Halepeo Mash
Olive Oil
Lime Juice
Monteray Jack cheese


Tilapia fish tacos:

No quantities given - all to taste

Fish: Season fish with salt and wazoo juice. Cook in foil over grill or in frying pan. When just flaky squeeze on fresh lime.
Avocado: Take ripe avocados, peel, pit, and cut into pieces. Add plain yogurt and puree until smooth and flowy. Season with cumin salt, fresh lime and a touch of halapeno mash.

Jicama slaw: Peel jicama and cut into matchsticks. Dice a cherry pepper (or other mildly spicy pepper) and add to jicama. Make a dressing with olive oil, honey, lime juice, and a little Kamehamehamash. Toss veggies with dressing and allow to rest.
Check seasoning before serving and adjust if necessary.

To make tacos - warm flour tortillas. Put on fish, topped with monterey jack cheese, a generous spoon of avocado puree, and some of the jicama slaw. Eat and enjoy.

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