Spinach Snack

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Yummy but greasy, perfect for lunches at home

Serves: 1

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pitta breads
bag of spinach
olives (chopped)
OPTIONAL: cheese (for instance feta) I've said this is a vegan recipe and it IS without the cheese! It is very nice without cheese, I promise.


Warm and split the pitta breads
Heat the oil in a frying pan. Add spinach. You'll be surprised to see that even a huge bag of spinach reduces to the size of a small frying pan in a short amount of time.
Add the chopped olives. Fry it all.
Put the spinachy-olive mixture in the pitta bread. Add some humous.
If you want, put some cheese in the pitta bread but it's just as good without.
It's a bit greasy (but in a good way) have a serviette ready!


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