Meatball Sandwich

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I think this one speaks for itself. Here is a lunch to fill you up real good.

Preparation time: About an Hour
Cooking time: About a Half-Hour



1 Package of Ground Beef
Seasonings (Salt, Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Basil, Oregano, and Italian)
Corn Starch
Cooking Oil (Vegetable, Canola...your call; just not the spray)
1 28-oz. Can of Tomato Sauce
3 Tablespoons of Olive Oil
1 Packet of Sandwich Bread Rolls
Thinly Sliced Provalone Cheese (or Shredded Parmesan Cheese)


-Defrost the beef in the microwave, set on the net-weight. While that is sitting in there, move on to the next step.
-Open the can of sauce and pour it into a mid-sized pot for cooking. Pour in the olive oil as well and stir a little. Set the heat on high. As soon as it starts boiling, turn the heat on low and let it sit for 5 extra minutes with the lid on. Open the lid again and turn it back up to mid-level. Start adding the seasonings (1 full second of shaking for the salt and peppers, 2 full seconds for the powders, and 3 full seconds for the remaining). Stir as much as you can and then cover again. As soon as it starts bubbling, let it sit there for another 5 minutes and then turn the heat back to low. Leave it there for now. Remember to mix occasionally.
-By now, the beef should be fully defrosted. If not, give it some time by letting it sit in the sink. If so, you may open the package and place the beef in a mixing bowl. Start adding the seasonings (the same way for the sauce) and mix them together.
-Get out a flat bowl and pour in about a handful of cornstarch into it. Taking a small portion of the meat, shape it into ball (1 inch should do), embed it into the cornstarch until covered, and place it onto a plate for the time being. Do the same for the rest of the meat until you have used it all up.
-When finished, get out a cooking pan and pour onto it enough cooking oil to evenly grease the entire cooking surface. Remove the lid from the pot that has the tomato sauce. Start placing as many of the meatballs as you can handle onto the pan and set the heat onto high. Just mix them around a little bit and be sure that the balls are going around. When fully cooked, place the meatballs into the sauce. Do the same for the rest. As you do this, be sure to gradually lower the heat under the pan and increase the heat under the pot. Make sure neither exceed halfway. When you are finished, leave the pot full of sauce and meatballs sit on the stove at the mid-leveled heat. Remember to stir occasionally.
-Get out the breadrolls and open them if they have not been already opened. Place the cheese of your choice onto the bread and toast them in the toaster-oven at low heat facing up. If you prefer to eat the bread as is, rest assure the cheese will melt as soon as you start pouring in the meatballs covered in seasoned tomato sauce.
-If you have not been pre-occupying yourself much with the bread, let the sauce with the meatballs sit there for another 5-10-15 minutes. Stir occasionally. Before removing, stir one last time and start pouring the meatballs into the bread.


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