Aragorn’s Athelas Tea

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Serve to any Man, Hobbit, or Dwarf suffering from congestion, sore throat, dry cough or Morgul blade stab wounds.

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners
Serves: 6-8

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Juice of 2 lemons
3-4 1/2 inch coins of fresh sliced Ginger
1 clove of garlic (“You *must* trust Master..”)
3 sprigs of Mint (approx. 7-10 leaves)
8 cups water, boiling
Echinacea extract, liquid


Place Ginger, Mint and Garlic (peeled, but not crushed!) in a cheesecloth and tie off. Add to boiling water and cook for 5-7 min. Turn off heat and add lemon juice. Remove spices and transfer to an insulated tea pot. Into each cup, add a tsp. of honey (or to taste), and Echinacea extract according to the bottle’s instructions.

*since herb-lore of Middle-Earth is mostly confined to herbs native to the Shire, records of True Athelas are scarce. However, it seems by all accounts that Mint is the closest relative.*


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