Jumbo Chocolate Cake

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This recipe certianly is not as professional as the others I provided in comparison, but still pretty fun to make. Prepare to be overwhelmed!

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2 boxes of instant cake mix and all the ingredients they require.
1 Container of Chocolate Frosting
1 Container of Whipped Cream.


-Follow the directions for the instant cake recipes and prepare them seperately.
-Cut both of them horizontely in half in the middle.
-Cut off the top portion from one of them and put it aside.
-Cover those two layers of that cake in the frosting and put one of them on top of the other.
-In a mixing bowl big enough, put in that top portion of the cake that you seperated earlier. Mash it up and add in as much whipped cream as you would like, but save some for later in case you want to use it as decoration for the cake. If you like, add some chocolate frosting into the mix as well. Stir it up until completely mixed and place it altogether on top of the cake. Cover the new layer with more icing.
-Cover the other seperated cake wth icing and place it on the top of the other cake. Add more icing to the sides in case you missed any spots.
-If you would like to decorate the cake, use the whipped cream to do so.

Extra Note:
-You can do this recipe with any cake mix, not just chocolate.
-If you like, you can always add a little extra whipped cream between the layers, but really more for the first and last gaps.
-If you do not have a tube intended to squeeze out icing for decorative purposes, you can always pour an icing or whipped cream into a sandwich bag, cut off one end, and squeeze from there.


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