Uncle Tarik's Meat Kabsa

An easy yet tasty Kabsa (red rice) with meat.

Serves: 4

Preparation time:
Cooking time:


1/4 cup Corn Oil
1 Tablespoon Butter
2 red onions chopped
2 pounds of lamb meat
2 table spoons mixed herbs (Sheba, cinamon, Habbat Baraka, Hail).
3 Tomatoes (blended into juice)
1 table spoon tomato sauce
3 cups Basmati Rice
Boiling Water
Salt & Pepper to taste


Put the oil in a big and deep Pot and turn the stove on HIGH and throw the chopped onions in, cooking them until they are golden brown. bring the temp down to Med-High and then throw in the meat and start stirring it along with the onions, adding the black pepper (do not add salt yet). Stay with the meat rotating them with a wooden spoon until half cooked.

Once half cooked, you pour in the tomatos and the herbs and give it three nice turns with the spoon. Throw in the butter and bring the temp down between Medium and Low to allow the tomatoes to cook well releasing their juices. Leave for 30 minutes.

In the meantime, bring a clean deep bowl and put the raw rice in it. Wash the rice through filling water into the bowel, using your hands to penetrate the rice, and then flushing the water out. Do this at least five times, then leave the clean rice in the place until ready to be placed for cooking.

After the tomatoes have cooked well, boil some water and add it to the deep Pot you are using, creating a soup like presence. Turn the heat up to Med-high and add the salt, and allow to cook for another 20 minutes.

Now you are ready to throw in the rice, but before you do that we need to clean this soup up.

Bring a similar large Pot (one that will include a lid that you will use soon). Use a screen and place it on top of the new pot, then carefully pour the ingredients from the old pot to the new one. Use a spoon to push the clear red soup into the new Pot, then carry the meat pieces and place them into the new pot.

You have to use your vision as to how much water is enough for the rice to cook well. The rule of thumb is as follows :

"After you throw in the rice, the amount of water should be equivalent to the length of two fingers above the rice"

PLEASE NOTE: Length of the finger, not the height! Which will almost add up to an inch above the rice level in the Pot.

Put the pot on the fire and make sure the water reaches a boil, once it does, then throw the rice into the pot and make sure the water level is fine. Stay standing watching over the open lid of the pot for 4 minutes.Then, IMMEDIATELY put the fire on VERY LOW, cover the lid with an aluminum foil that fits the size of the opening of the pot (prepared earlier of course), and then placing the lid on the pot.

Put your timer to 30 Minutes.

Open the lid, take away the aluminum foil, and pick up a few rices with a fork to taste if it is cooked. If it had a little *bite* to it, add a small shot of boiling water, close the lid, and leave for 10 mins. If the opposite and the water was too much to begin with, open the lid a little and allow to vaporate for 10 mins.

Either case, at the end, turn off the stove, and keep standing for 10 minutes before serving. Bon Appetie !


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