Lazy baked potatoe

Submitted by:
MAshed potatoes with all the fixings

Preparation time: 45
Cooking time: 45

Serves: 4


Medium sized bowl
5 Medium brown potatoes
6 bacon strips
2 garlic cloves
1-2 cups of cheese (depending on how much you like)
2 Green onion ends (the green part)


●Bake potatoes in the oven (I cook them in foil for about 50 minutes @ 375F)
●While potatoes are cooking:
- dice garlic, chop green onion
- Cook bacon, once cooked chop into bits
●Once potatoes are done cooking remove from oven and then mash in a medium sized bowl
●Add bacon bits, garlic and green onion and mix until evenly distributed
●Sprinkle cheese ontop and let melt and mix in if desired for an all out cheesy taste

**Can serve right away or cover up and serve later :)**

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