Potato-roni Salad

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a potato and macaroni salad with a little fun and a lot of flexibility.

Serves: 4?

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(all of these are rough measurements because I usually add a little bit more to taste)

2 cups of Mayo
3/4 cup of sweet relish (or italian dressing)
2 large carrots
1/2 a red onion
10 oz of pasta?
roughly twice as much potato product than pasta (potato product can either be regular potatos, or french fries or even tater tots if youre feeling adventurous)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Garlic powder
Onion Powder
Dried Parsley
Green Onion


Note: this is a potato pasta salad, it can easily be either just a pasta salad or a potato salad by just taking out one and adding more of the other, personally I liek the ration of twice as much potato product than pasta product, but I just like potatoes)

step 1: choose what kind of potato product to use and then cook it accordingly. if you choose french fries you can either buy them from your fast food place of choice, or buy them frozen and then bake or fry them. if you choose hashbrowns, same thing. if you want to be traditional and use regular potatoes you can just boil them in salted water until theyre fork tender. (if you have troubles with cooking with cooking potatoes please wait until I write my "variating mashed potato recipe" which will be coming soon and will explain in detail the differences in potatoes and cooking techniques for cooking potatoes) personally I like using french fries the best for this, so I woudl pre heat my oven, and place my french fries int he oven during this step. when done set aside.

step 2: pick type of pasta and boil it. personally I like using jumbo elbow macaroni. I also prefer to slightly overcook the pasta for this, because I like the more mushy texture in here. when done, drain and set aside.

step 3: slice onions. personally I like paper thin slices, but if you prefer minced or chopped or whatever, go for it. if you want to use green onions cut them here. (I like using green onions mostly for the color, and just to add another texture) add to bowl.

Step 4: grate carrots. you can also use a mandolin if you have one, but I prefer to grate my carrots, because I like texture and the varying sizes you get with it. add to bowl.

Step 5: in a separate bowl combine mayo and relish(inclusing the juice inside the relish jar). (I like using relish because theres this sweetness and sour /saltyness to it, which I think works well, also pickles in potato salad is just kind of classic. if you hate pickles, italian dressing is a pretty decent substitute because it gives this nice tangyness, which you get from the relish)

Step 6: add seasonings to this mixture. I like adding salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and dried parsley. just season until you like how it tastes.

step 7: add pasta and potato product to the original bowl that contains the onions and carrots. slightly toos the mixture.

step 8: add the mayo mixture then toss well until everything has a pretty even coat.

if you used french fries or tots serve immediately or theyll get pretty soggy. if you used potatoes itll you can store it in the fridge and it will last a while.

More Notes: so this idea isnt all my thinking. I got the idea for french fries because I wanted to make a warm potato salad, and my friend told me his mom made potato salad with french fries before, and I thought it was a pretty brilliant Idea.


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