Chili Con Quatro

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Chili with 4 different meats, 4 kinds of beans & 4 kinds of peppers

I do this in a 10-quart roaster.

Preparation time: 60 min
Cooking time: 2-5 hours

Difficulty: Medium - experience needed
Serves: 12+


12 pieces of bacon
3 red bell peppers (orange or yellow can be used)
3 jalapenos
3 ancho chili peppers (I use dried)
3 guadillo peppers (I use dried)
2lbs. ground sirloin
2lbs. ground turkey
1.5lbs. ground pork (or bulk Italian sausage)
2 yellow onions
2tbs. red pepper flakes
2 cups minced garlic
1/4 cup chili powder
2tbs. paprika
2tbs. cumin
1tbs. ground coriander
2tbs. cayenne pepper
2 tsp. salt (add more to taste)
2 - 28oz. cans tomato sauce
2 - 28oz. cans crushed tomato
2 - 15oz. cans kidney beans
2 - 15oz. cans pinto beans
2 - 15oz. cans black beans
2 - 15oz. cans garbonzo beans
12oz. beer (whatever kind, heavier the better)

garnish: green onion & shredded cheddar


Dice all onions and peppers.
Fry bacon in bottom of roaster ( I turn heat up to max.-500deg.).
Once semi-crispy remove and set aside in separate frying pan (turning on heat to get pan greased).
Remove bacon & set aside to cool.
Caramelize onions and 6 tbsp. of garlic.
In separate frying pan, roast/saute peppers keep all seeds, too. Then add to roaster with onions & garlic. Turn heat down slightly.
Fry ground pork in frying pan adding 3 tbs. garlic & red pepper flakes. (or use Italian sausage). Once browned add to roaster & stir.
Fry ground sirloin in frying pan & once browned add to roaster & stir.
In roaster add remaining dry ingredients & stir.
Cut bacon into 1-inch pieces & add to roaster.
Fry ground turkey in frying pan & once browned add to roaster.
Add tomato sauce & crushed tomatoes to roaster & stir.
Add beans to roaster & stir.
Add beer to roaster & stir.
Keep on med-high heat for 30 min. stirring every 10 min.
Turn to low/simmer for 2-5 hours, the longer the better.

Serve by itself or over macaroni noodles (more left-overs that way), garnish with green onion (sliced) and shredded cheddar (I use low-fat sharp).


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