Spiced Cranberry Chutney

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Delicious with the tartness of the cranberries and sweetness of the sugar. Goes great with goat cheese, cream cheese or turkey!

Preparation time: 15 mins
Cooking time: 15 mins

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners
Serves: 10+

Dietary guidance: v v n g d 


2 bags cranberries
2 cups sugar
2 cups water
1/4 cup orange juice
1/2 tsp orange rind - grated
1 cinnamon stick


1) Combine all ingredients in a large sauce pan and bring to a boil.

2) Reduce heat to medium and cook for 5 minutes or until berry skins pop.

3) Remove cinnamon stick. Chill and enjoy!

This is also a great canning recipe. If desired, you can fill sanitized jars and process them in boiling water for 10 minutes and they will be shelf-stable until you open them!


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