Really Healthy Sandwich (TM)

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Well, the name says it all.
This entry is more about where to buy kickass ingredients :)

Preparation time: 5 mins
Cooking time: 0

Serves: 1

Dietary guidance: v 

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1. Bread - 2 slice
2. Egg Beaters - 1/2 cup
3. Cheese - 2 slice
4. Onions
5. Salsa

Where to Buy - QFC.

1. Bread - Franz "40 Calories per Slice" Whole wheat bread. (40 cal, 0.5 Fat, 3g Protein)
2. Cheese - Kraft Fat Free Singles , American (30 cal, 0g Fat, 5g Protein)
3. Egg Beaters (30 cal, 0g Fat, 6g Protein)

Nutritional Info

Cal - 200
Fat - 1
Protein - 27
Carb - 24 (6g dietary fiber*)

* Note on dietary fiber - If you care about carbs, then subtract the dietary fiber from the total carb number to estimate the actual "bad" carb. I usually don't care about the carbs at all and think about glycemic index :)


Mix em any way you please. Typically, I make an egg omelette in the microvave, toast my bread, and sandwich the egg and 2 slices of cheese on it.


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