Mild Pineapple Tomato Green-Yellow Pepper Salsa

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This is a modified version of weigh-watchers Pineapple Salsa sauce. I used Sabah's Capsicum chillies along with sweet peppers. The result was a perfect party treat that is zesty with a mild fruity Salsa taste that even kids will like.

Preparation time: 1-hr
Cooking time: 20-min

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners
Serves: 20

Dietary guidance: v v n d 

Tags: snack · appetizer · salsa · with · canned · fruity · mild · taste · bottled ·


4-Ripe Cherry Red tomatoes.
20-Capsicum Chillies.
2-large Yellow Bell peppers.
2-small Green Bell peppers.
4-stalks of chives with flowers.(can substitute dried if not in season)
4-pineapple core slices from the can. or 1/2-cup fresh pineapple.
1-can of Campbell's Prego Tomatoes sauce.
3-4 Garlic cloves minced.
2-cups of water
1/4-spoon salt
1-tbl spoon caster sugar
2-tbl spoon olive oil.
1/2 teaspoon vinegar (optional)
salt and pepper to your taste but not too much salt.


Remove seed pods and steams from Chillies and peppers. Save later for planting a new batch. Next dice everything including the chives and put them all into a large pot. Add Prego sauce and water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat until fruits are tender (additional cook time is approx 5-6 min). Stir occasionally using low heat. Now is good time to season it to your taste. Turn off heat and cover let stand for about hour while you ready the jars. I reuse glass jars with lids from recycle bin. Old mayo jars with a tin lid make an excellent choice.
Taste test your Salsa and add vinegar, salt and pepper to suit your own taste. Salsa should be mild to taste for us wimps. If you like it hot just add hot-sauce here.
After washing jars pour the hot liquid Salsa into jars cover and seal with a firm grip. You can use the old fashion canning jars and pressure cooker if you want to store it in your pantry. You can keep the bottled Salsa in fridge for several months if it last that long. Ours never does. Serve cold with chips or crackers.


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