Pizza Crust

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The best Pizza crust that I have made to date. Makes awesome bread sticks too!2

Preparation time: 2hr 15min
Cooking time: 0

Difficulty: Medium - experience needed
Serves: 4


4 Cups "King Arthur" Bread Flour
1 1/2 tsp Salt

2 Cups Water
3 tsp Sugar
3 tsp Dry Yeast

2 TBS Olive Oil


Combine All flours and salt in large bowl and mix with a fork or sifter.

In Food processor add Sugar then Water @ 105-110F.
Add Yeast then Pulse food processor twice to mix Water, Sugar, and Yeast. Let stand 5 minutes.
Then add the Flour & Salt mixture to food processor and run it on high for 1 minute.

Tip: I use a food processor that I got from the Flea Market since it really puts a workout on the darn thing.

Reuse large bowl from flour mixture and add 1 TBS Olive Oil.
Remove Dough from processor and place in large bowl, punch down once, and cover with cloth for 1 hour. Keep in warm area between 80-85F.

After an Hour remove dough and divide in half, roll both sections in a ball and place back now in two bowls. Punch down each ball once and let set for 1 hour. Keep in warm area between 80-85F.

Dough is now ready to spin and form crust.

Cooking: I cook my Pizza on a Pizza Stone in a Gas Grill heated between 550-600F. Pre-heat Grill with stone and cook for 4 minutes topped with my Sauce and your Favorite toppings. Use high quality cheese not that bagged stuff for a great pizza shop stringing cheese when you cut and serve.


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