The Roots of Fall

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This recipe is great because these vegetables are harvested in the fall. This keeps you in flow with the seasonal changes. Many of us struggle with allergies and become ill as a change in the air and chi energy of the fall begins to blow in.

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Difficulty: Easy - for beginners

Dietary guidance: v v d 


5 medium beets (peel and dice)
6 carrots (chopped finely)
3 onions (preferably yellow)
1 to 2 Tbs of Olive Oil
1 teaspoon rosemay
1 teaspoon sage (optional)
1 dash of sea salt
1 cup cooked brown rice (or grain of your choice)


Saute onions in medium frying pan with olive oil. After 3 minutes add carrots. After 2 minutes add beets and toss lightly. Dash salt and spices over and cover and turning heat to low. After 1 minute this will be ready to serve over rice. This also tastes delicious just on its own!


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