Margarita de Valeria

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An incredibly easy fresh Margarita Recipe (no mix!)

Preparation time: 5
Cooking time: 5

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners
Serves: 2

Dietary guidance: v v n g d 

Tags: margarita · alcohol ·


4 Ounces 100% Silver/Blanco Tequila
4 Ounces Lime Juice
1/2 teaspoon Lime Zest (optional)
1 Ounce Simple Sugar
1 Ounce Valencia Orange Juice
6-8 Ice Cubes


Pour 1/2-ounce of the tequila into a small saucer. Spread the kosher salt in a separate small saucer. Dip the rim of 2 martini or other wide rimmed glasses into the tequila. Lift out of the tequila and hold upside down for 10 seconds to allow for slight evaporation. Next, dip the glasses into the salt to coat the rim. Set aside.

Combine all remaining ingredients into a tumbler, Shake, Pour liquid into glasses (strain out ice).


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