Smart ground stir fry

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Preparation time: 30
Cooking time: 30

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners
Serves: 6

Dietary guidance: v v n g d 


rice, 2 cups
oil, 1 tsp
salt, 1/4 tsp

Smart ground:
smart ground, 2 packs
cornstarch, 1 tbsp
garlic, 2 cloves, minced
paprika, 1 tsp
soy sauce, 4 tbsp

ginger, 1 tbsp, grated
garlic, 4 cloves, minced.
mushrooms, sliced, 1 lb
cornstarch, 1.5 tbsp
peppers, 2, sliced
celery, 4 stalks, sliced
carrots, 6, sliced
scallions, 6, sliced

Brown sauce:
soy sauce, 4 tbsp
oil, 4 tbsp
vegetable broth, 2 cups
pepper, 1/4 tsp
sugar, 1 tsp
cooking sherry, 1 tbsp


Start rice:
Boil water.
Add salt, oil. (Adding salt before boiling can pit the pot.)
Add rice, cook until done.
Drain in colander.

Start smart ground:
Mix smart ground with cornstarch, garlic, soy sauce and paprika.
Allow to stand 15 minutes.

Over medium heat, allow wok to become very hot. Add oil.
Add ginger and garlic and brown.
Place into wok, pepper, celery, mushrooms, carrots, scallions.
Stir and turn for 3 minutes or until cooked but crisp.
For faster preparation, can stir-fry some of the vegetables in a second pan and add to wok.

Smart ground:
Put mixture into second pan and stir fry for 3 minutes until cooked.
Add to wok.
Combine sauce ingredients.
Make well in center of wok, add sauce, cook until bubbling and thickening.
Mix together, heat to combine.


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