Ye'abesha Gomen (Ethiopian Collard Greens)

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Ye'abesha Gomen (Ethiopian Collard Greens). found on web. from Exotic Ethiopian Cooking, by Daniel J. Mesfin).

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Difficulty: Easy - for beginners

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1 lb. collard greens
1 cup red onions (chopped)
4 medium green peppers (fresh) sliced in strips (chili Anaheim)
2 cups water
1/2 tsp. garlic (peeled and chopped)
16 oz. oil
salt to taste


Wash collard greens, boil in medium pan until soft.
Remove from heat, drain, and cut into small pieces.
Set aside.
Wash green peppers, remove seeds, slice lengthwise and set aside.

In the medium pan, cook onions over a low heat until brown adding a
little water to prevent sticking and burning.

Add oil.
Add collard greens and cook until water disappears.
Add all the spices and stir gently.
One at a time, add the green pepper slices about 10 minutes before
removing from fire.
Serve hot or cold.
Serves 6.

_Ye'abesha Gomen_ (Collard Greens) is the most delicious vegetable dish.
It is served as a side dish with other food.
It is served either cold or warm.


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