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LEMON MISO: Forget the Hollandaise sauce (and the calories); make a miso broth and add fresh lemon juice. Goes great on broccoli.

SMOKEY MISO: Stumbled on this one; roast green peppers until skin is fully charred (careful, not burnt). Dice one of the green peppers and add to enough miso mixed with water to completely cover green pepper. I added this to 2 eggs and scrambled--delicious smokey flavor. I assume you could blend the mix to add to other recipes.

SPICEY FRUIT: 1/2 cup each of mixed dried fruit (cranberries, cherries, currants, and blueberries), DiSaronno Amaretto, and water. Grind in plenty of black pepper. Boil/simmer to desired consistancy. I tried this to spice up some Ahi tuna, wasn't bad, but really didn't complement each other. However, some spilled over onto the Cauliflower and Wow! Fantastic!


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