Moms Tossed Salad

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vegetable salad with your favorite dressing

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time:

Serves: 8


1 large leafy lettuce(leaves removed rinsed and dried in salad spinner)
1 long seedless english cucumber(sliced thin)
1 pint cherry tomatos(stems removed and rinsed)
6 radishes(sliced thin and cut in half)
1 red onion(peeled ,sliced thin lengthwise)
1 small brick marble cheese 500mg.( sliced thin ,and in half into 1" cubes)
2 large carrots (peeled,rinsed and slivered)

2 tbsp. bacon bits,sesame seed,or flax may be added but it's optional.
Your choice of dressing. I prefer the zesty italian salad spritzer only 15 calories.It's very tasty.


I think the ingredients speak for themselves. You rinse everything and slice,rinse,sliver as it says up top. Just place everything in a big salad bowl. Toss. Do not add dressing,oil,vinegar as it will wilt.
Have several varieties available for company including salad spritzers for people switching to a healthy lifestyle.


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