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Boiled eggs: (1) Use only cage-free eggs; their shells are thicker, otherwise when you go to peel them there's not enough shell to support pulling the membrane away from the egg. (2) Put eggs in pan and cover with hot tap water; you will see little streams of bubbles leaving the eggs, that's the air escaping and prevents the shell from cracking when boiled. (3) Bring water to boil with eggs in it; more air escapes the egg without cracking it. (4) Boil for 5 minutes. (5) Remove pan from heat and leave eggs in it until water returns to room temperature; this allows water to seep back into the egg and helps when peeling. (6) When peeling the eggs I find it best to roll the egg in a helix fashion cracking the egg shell without tearing the egg white; it seems to work out best when peeling the eggshell from either end, but not the middle.


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