Beer braised pot roast with rustic vegetables

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I know the name is fancy but it sounds really good when you say it like that, rustic just means I didn't peel the potatoes :)

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Difficulty: Easy - for beginners


Chuck roast, or other roast cut you like
bag baby carrots
2 shallots diced
2 small to medium yellow onions, one diced and one cut in pieces - can use more onion if you want to
6-8 baking potatoes - I used the small ones in the bag just wash and cut up in pieces, leave the peel on
minced garlic, I use the garlic out of the jar
button mushrooms, quartered
flour, salt, pepper, seasoning
1 pack lipton onion/mushroom soup mix
bottle of beer room temperature, whatever is in the fridge
vegetable oil, about 3-4 Tbsp


Dredge your roast through some seasoned flour. Heat the oil in the skillet and sear/braise the roast on all sides. Put in the bottom of your dutch oven, I used my Pampered Chef roasters. Be careful not to cook on too high of a heat so you don't burn the flour. Throw in the shallots and diced onions cooking for a few minutes, throw in the mushrooms and cook a few more minutes. Add the lipton soup mix and stir. Slowly pour in the beer scraping all the goodie off the bottom of the skillet and turn down fire and let reduce a few minutes. I added my salt, garlic pepper and black pepper after the beer.

Put the onion pieces, carrots and potatoes over the top of the roast. Pour the beer mix over the roast, cover and cook until roast is done and vegetables soft.

Next time Mike wants another beer thrown in for more sauce, will probably just double the recipe so have lots more mushrooms too.


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