JD's Chilli Con Carne

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Chilli Con Carne type dish for lazy buggers

Preparation time: 10mins
Cooking time: 30-60mins

Serves: 2-4


Cooking oil, or melted butter to fry in
1 onion, chopped
1x 420g? tin of Minced beef in Gravy
1x 420g? tin of Red Kidney Beans
MAGGI (Imported Malaysian) Chilli Sauce
Long grain rice to serve with it (see seperate recipe)


1) Get the pan of oil starting to heat up

2) Chop the onion, discarding the skin + the top & bottom parts before you start chopping.
Add the bits of chopped onion to the pan of oil as you go.

3) Once chopped, give the onion a stir to get all the bits coated with the oil and give it a few mins to cook.

4) Add a dollop (or a Tablespoon, maybe 2 depending on how spicy you like it) of the Chilli Sauce..... remember to wash your hands after handling chilli.
Stir it in, so it covers the onion.

5) Empty the can of minced beef into the pan with the onions, stir it in. Then empty the can of Red kidney beans in there too.

6) Leave to simmer, stirring occasionally (otherwise the minced beef sticks to the bottom of the pan, and it's a sod to get off afterwards)

7) Put rice on your plate, make a hole in the middle of it to form a ring. Serve the Chilli Con carne mix into the hole in the middle, and it's ready to eat.

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