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Homemade Mac N Cheese, very cheesy.

Preparation time: 10
Cooking time: 35

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners


16 oz of Mild Cheddar Cheese

1 Can of Cream of cheese Campbell soup (1 ½ if you prefer extra creamy)

2 eggs




Garlic Salt (Optional, I normally use garlic salt over regular salt)


*Boil your macaroni but don’t overdo it. You don’t want it to turn to mush in the oven.

*1. In a bowl combine 2 eggs and whisk so it incorporates easier with other ingredients

2. Add your Campbell’s cream of cheese soup

3. Fill the Campbell’s soup can with milk and add to mixture

*Whisk ingredients together until it’s no longer chunky and it’s completely smooth.

*Once macaroni is done combine macaroni to mixture of wet ingredients (I run cold water over macaroni to cool it down a bit then add it)

At this point you add 8 oz of your cheese to the mixture and carefully incorporate. (You will use the other 8 oz later)

*At this point you begin putting your Mac & Cheese into the casserole pan in layers (about 1-1 ½ inches)

About every 1-1 ½ inches of macaroni you add, also add a layer of cheese and season with salt/pepper

Once at the top cover with cheese and season

Preheat oven to 350 and bake for 30-35 minutes.

Once cheese begins to turn a light golden brown and its boiling you know it’s done.


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