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Japanese Fried Chicken (Chicken Karaage)

Preparation time: 15min
Cooking time: 20min

Serves: 4


Main Ingredients:
6 large boned chicken thighs
2 cups cornstarch
1 tablespoon japanese curry powder
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon onion powder
1 tablespoon salt
1 tsp ground pepper
1 tsp paprika

I knob fresh ginger, grated
4 cloves fresh garlic, crushed
6 tbsp soy sauce
3 tbsp mirin
3 tbsp sake
1 tbsp honey

Lettuce leaves, for presentation
One lemon, cut into wedges
Japanese Mayo for serving
Ponzu dipping sauce- or some other dark soy dip.
Steamed rice, miso soup

Oil, for deep frying


1. Cut up the chicken thighs into golf-ball sized pieces or even a bit bigger. Marinade these for at least one hour in the grated ginger, crushed garlic, soya, mirin, sake, and honey.

2. While that's marinading, heat the oil, and mix the following ingredients in a bowl - cornstarch, curry powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and paprika.

3, When the chicken is ready, drip off excess marinade and dredge in the constarch mixture. Can be cooked in two batches.
Make sure the crust its dark brown, or it will go soft when you drain it. If you are a real freak for crispness, some japanese people fry it twice... leaving it only light brown the first time around or it will be dry.

4. Serve on lettuce leaves, with a wedge of lemon and sauces in dipping bowls.



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