Butternut and Ginger Soup

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Preparation time: 15mins
Cooking time: 30mins


Dietary guidance: v 

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3 chopped onions;1chopped celery stalk;2chopped leeks ;10 chopped garlic cloves ;1stem fresh ginger chopped ;50g chopped ginger preserve with syrup ;5 /6 butternuts peeled ,cubed,pips removed ;3 large potatoes peeled and cubed ;150g butter ;salt/cayenne pepper


-melt butter in pot and add onions,celery,leeks.
-cook for 2mins and add garlic and all the ginger
-carry on cooking for a couple of minutes and add the butternut
-place lid on the pot and sweat the butternut,stirring all the time for 5-8 mins
-add water with potatoes(not to much,enough to cover the potatoes and the butternut).
bring to the boil and cook until the potatoes and the butternut are soft.
-blend/liquidise and bring back to the boil.
-season with salt and cayenne pepper


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