Jean’s *Fast & Easy* Pasta Feast

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Pasta, veggies, good.

Preparation time: 5 mns.
Cooking time: 15-20mns.

Serves: 2-3

Dietary guidance: v v 

Tags: pasta · onions · sauce · eggplant · peppers · vegetables ·


2 tbsp. sunflower oil
1/2 cup eggplant - cubed
1/4 cup green pepper in strips
1/4 cup sweet red pepper in strips
1/4 cup yellow pepper in strips
2 cloves garlic - sliced or minced
1 small onion thinly sliced
1 tbsp. shredded dried spinach (fresh would rock too)
1 tsp. shredded dried cilantro (again - fresh kicks ass)
1 dash paprika
2 dash lemon pepper
2/3 cup of random jarred spaghetti sauce

(*the cheeses can be omitted for vegans)

2 tbsp. grated Romano cheese
2 tbsp. grated Parmesan cheese


Heat oil in pan over medium heat until gently sizzling. Add all of the chopped veggies and saute until tender. Toss in the spinach and cilantro and stir for a few more minutes. Add everything else however you like (it’ll still taste the same) and then set the burner down to medium low. Simmer there for about five minutes (should be just enough time to rinse and drain the pasta - you were preparing it weren’t you?) and then you can either toss it on top of the pasta or mix it right in.

Serve to your tribe and salt and/or pepper to your individual tastes.

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