Silver turtles

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A basic but filling meat-and-veggie meal great for camping trips

Preparation time: 40 minutes minimum
Cooking time: 20+ minutes

Serves: 1


meat (either ground beef, turkey, or chicken) The meat can be left out. Amount depends on individual preference. The more meat, the longer the cooking time.

A wide variety of vegetables can be used. I suggest:

-1 carrot
-1 potato
-handful of peas
-handful of corn
-few slices of onion

Spices: Again, a wide variety can be used but salt and pepper work fine


There are a number of ways to cook silver turtles. My favorite way is to cook them on a fire.

Step 1-start fire. There are several different types of fires, but a simple pyramid fire will do. Clear a circular area with a diameter of about 2 feet. Place rocks around the circumference of the circle. Collect three sizes of sticks; the smallest should be the size of your thumb and the largest about as long as your elbow to your fingertips. If you can find dry grass or fluffy bark this works great to get the flame started. Place the small twigs in a tepee. Using a lighter or flint and steel, light the kindling. Once a small flame is going, slowly add larger sticks to the fire. Be careful not to add wood too quickly or you could put out the flame.

Step 2-Prepare the turtle. Tear off a medium-to large sheet of aluminum foil. Tear the meat into small pieces and chop the carrot, potato, and onion into bite-size pieces. Place food onto foil and season with spices, making sure to leave enough room on the edges to fold over and cover the food. Fold the edges of the foil and make a tight packet.

Step 3-Cooking. Place the packet in the fire and (depending on the meat), leave in fire for about 20 minutes, then take out, flip, and place back in fire for another 20 minutes. Pull out of fire, open carefully, and enjoy!

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