Zeal Summer Smoothie

A fun way to enjoy zeal and a sweet summer treat

Preparation time: 5 mins
Cooking time: 2 mins

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners
Serves: 1

Dietary guidance: v n 


* 2% Milk
* Ice- Sonic Ice is best
* Frozen Fruit- Blueberries are already in zeal and they are great antioxiadants
* Sugar (optional)
* Ice cream or frozen yogurt
Healthy option - fat free frozen yogurt and don't use sugar or use more ice instead of ice cream or yogurt

You will need a blinder and wooden spoon or something long that will reach down into the bottom of the blinder


Start with setting all of you ingredients out on the counter.

It is important to follow step order for hassle-free smoothie making.

1. Just grab a handful of frozen fruit and throw it into a blinder- not liberal not stingy.
2. Pour in about cup of milk and add your scoop of zeal.
3. Blend with the top on - unless you want to wear it :D
4. Scoop you out some icecream and throw it in.
5. Depending on how sweet your tooth is, put a dash of sugar in or more.
6. Blend - with the top on of course
7. If your blender is getting hung up, play with the speed levels and if that doesn't work then add milk slowly until it starts mixing again.
8. Pour into your favorite coffee mug and enjoy with a sprig of mint or some whipped cream on top.


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