Quick fried rice

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Difficulty: Easy - for beginners

Dietary guidance: n 

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1-2cups of rice, either all brown rice or half brown and half organic white rice
soy sauce
2-3 eggs
half a cup each of frozen peas, corn, carrots
a pack of fresh bean sprouts
about 200-250g or so each of sliced chicken and roast beef from the deli


Cook the rice, rinse and drain
add to wok/frypan and toss
crack the eggs directly onto the rice and stir through, mixing around until cooked
add soy, starting with a teaspoon, mix through and taste and add more to taste
add chopped meat and frozen vegies, stir through until vegies warmed through
add bean sprouts and mix through, until either cooked or still crunchy depending on taste


note can add any vegies/meats that you like to taste
this makes up a rather large batch so make sure you use a large frypan


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