Cookies, brown sugar with ginger

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From Bittman HTCEV

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Difficulty: Easy - for beginners

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margarine, unsalted, 1/2 lb (2 sticks)
dark brown sugar, packed, 1/2 cup
egg yolk, 1 (substitute?)
flour, 1 c. semolina or white
flour, 1/2 c.
salt, 1/4 tsp
ginger, grated or minced, 2 tsp
cinnamon, 1/2 tsp
allspice, 1/2 tsp
cloves, 1/2 tsp
coarse salt for sprinkling, 1 tsp


1. Using electric mixer on low, mix margarine and sugar to combine, 30 sec. Then add and mix remaining ingredients until mixture barely holds together.
2. Turn dough onto clean surface, shape into log, wrap in plastic, and put in refrigerator or freezer for 30 min.
3. Oven to 325 F. Slice 1/4 inch and put slices on ungreased sheet. Sprinkle with salt ??? and bake to firm but not brown, 15-20 min. Let cool on pan 1-2 min then cool on rack.


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