Chocolate Tofu Pie!

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Chocolate Tofu Pie! not mine but one i use and enjoy

Preparation time: 20min ish
Cooking time: 1hr set

Serves: 8?

Dietary guidance: v 

Tags: dessert ยท


1 crust (original recipe uses graham cracker, but I think an oreo cookie crust is far superior in this recipe)
21 oz of silken tofu (two 10.5 oz boxes, though two 12 oz boxes also works. The extra tofu does not appreciably dilute the chocolate taste at all.and it as to be the silken brand other tofu has not worked for me.)
3 Tbs honey
12 oz semi-sweet chocolate
Enough fruit to cover pie, if using a fruit topping


1) Prepare fruit, if using. Wash fruit, shake water off and let drain really well, and chop if necessary. Let fruit become almost dry then toss with a bit of sugar. Wet fruit can make the pie soggy. Slighty damp, okay. (That lets the sugar cling to the fruit.) Dripping wet, bad. Just ask me how I know.
2) Roughly chop tofu. Put in blender with honey and blend until smooth. (see photo)
3) Melt chocolate in double boiler, stiring frequently. Add melted chocolate to blended tofu and re-blend. It may take some effort and time to get the chocolate to blend completely.
4) Pour into pie crust. Chill until set, usually a few hours. If you use a fruit topping, I've found that chilling first for, say, 15-30 minutes then add the fruit topping and finish chilling gives me a better result than putting the fruit on first. Serve small slices as this pie is very rich and sweet.
5) If using, whip the heavy cream just before serving.
Fruit topping ideas: fresh cherries halved and pitted, or raspberries, or strawberries.


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