Vegetable Shomen

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Broth, veggies, and shomen noodles

Preparation time: 5
Cooking time: 15

Serves: a gazillion

Dietary guidance: v v 

Tags: shomen ยท


3 Ramen Noodle Flavor Packets of Any Flavor or 3 cans chicken broth
Shomen noodles
Any vegetables that you have (frozen or not). Although, I recommend some peas, broccoli, bean sprouts, and some bok choy.


Fill a large pan up with water and set to boil.

Once boiling, put in shomen noodles. Wait 3 minutes.

Drain shomen noodles and toss with cold water from the sink.

Fill the pan up with water again and boil.

Put in all your vegetables.

Wait till everything is hot. Put in the ramen noodle flavor packets.

Get a small serving bowl and dish in the shomen. Then take a ladle and dish the broth in to your bowl.



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