Lee's Malay Chili Con Cardrne

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This dish forms a base for chilli Con-Cardine using pre-packaged foods found in Malaysia. You can make the same dish using your own curry and turmeric, but if you want a fast dish that's hot and spicy here it is.

Preparation time: 5-min
Cooking time: 15-20-min

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners
Serves: 12-20

Dietary guidance: g d 

Tags: soup · side · hot · macaroni · mee · chillie ·


All the ingredients are canned and veggies are fresh cut.

1 can 8oz of Cambell's Tomato soup
1-large can 16oz Baked Beans or Pinto beans or Red Kidney Beans
1 small 4oz can of Beef Curry Malay style
1/4 cup oil

Veggies prepare ahead before opening tins
2-large fresh tomatoes diced and deseed
2-large Red chillies sliced
2-green onion stems chopped
1-large white/yellow onion pureed
1/2 large carrot sliced into round sleeves

1/2 roll of minced red beef -cow
3-slices of Corn beef.
meat from curry tin should also be cut up.

1/2 package of elbow macaroni

Variations: use your own spices if you don't have the Malay Curry tin. Mix your own using these dry ingredients and a bit of oil and water.
1 tsp Paprika
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp red curry powder more if you like fire.
salt and pepper to taste


I start my cutting all my veggies and putting them aside in dishes. it just makes the combine process easier.

Puree the while onion in a blender and slice the green-onion stalks up. Put hot oil in pan and heat wonk on medium fire then add onions and sliced chillies. Fry a few minutes until fragrance releases then add the grown beef and corn-beef. If you only have 1 type of beef that's ok. Brown the beef for a few minutes and mix it up with the onion and chillies. Stir constant careful not to burn. Onions may turn black if pan is too hot. Once meat is brown you can drain off any excess fat or just start to combine the tins beginning with the curry tin. Next add the beans, tomato soup and stir. Now you have the chilli con-Carnie base. Add in the sliced carrots, and stir. it's ok if you spill a bit just be careful the pan should be full. If not top up with a bit of water and let it boil for a few minutes for the flavours to combine. Once the carrots are soft you can now off the burned and make ready the macaroni.

Combine water and macaronic (elbow mee) into a pan with water and boil. Let stand a few minutes and drain. I make the mee up while the conCarnie base is cooking to save time. Add olive oil to the mee to prevent it from sticking or you can use margin. Stir the mee while its still hot. Once the Chilli con-Carnie base is done pour this mixture right over the cooked mee. Stir and cover the dish. I put mine in a crock pot warmer/dish and let it stand for a few hours on low. Until the macaroni absorbs some of the liquid or you can continue cooking on stove-top (HOB) for about 15-minutes.


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