Beef Wellington

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This is my mom's recipe that she got years ago in her gourmet cooking class. Make this and you will really like it.

Serves: 4

Preparation time:
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- 2lbs of beef tenderloin cut for 4 people

Puff Pastry
- Buy 397 grams frozen Tenderflake puff pastry

or if you want to make your own puff pastry ingredients as follows:
- 2 Cups all purpose flour
- Salt to taste
- 6 ounces margarine} mix lard and margarine together
- 6 ounces lard} mix lard and margarine together
- ½ pint of water

- ¾ cup (7 ounces) finely chopped mushrooms
- ¼ cup (5 ounces) finely chopped onions
- parsley
- 2 or 3 Tbsp butter

Chateaux Breaux Sauce
- 1/8 to ¼ tsp thyme
- Bay leaf
- 3 Tbsp small onions or shallots
- 3 Tbsp chopped mushrooms
- ½ cup white wine


Puff pastry: Mix flour and salt; add ¼ of the lard and margarine mixture with some water. Roll out and add some of the margarine/lard mixture. Do this 3 times kneading the mixture. Then on the 4th go around fold in half and refrigerate for 8 hours.

NOTE: Easier to buy the frozen tenderflake puff pastry from the supermarket

Auxelle: Saute all the ingredients until the juices come out; press through a sieve for liquid portion. Set aside the liquid portion and reserve the liquid portion for the chateaux breaux sauce. Keep the dry auxelle to spread as paste on pastry.

Beef: Pan fry the beef tenderloin on all sides on high heat with butter to sear and seal the beef (approximately 1 minute on each side).

Assemble the Beef Wellington: Roll out pastry to 1/8 to ¼ inch thick with the pastry being 2 1/2 times larger than the beef. The shape of the pastry should have short and long sides (See diagram).The bottom of the pastry as it now sits will become the top when you turn it over to finish.

Spread the dry auxelle paste on the pastry; salt and pepper before placing the beef in the centre of the pastry. Fold pastry to cover beef as follows: side 1, side 2, side 3 and side 4. Pinch and seal pastry. Egg wash pastry with egg and 1 ounce of milk and place a buttered aluminum foil on cookie sheet on top of the pastry and turnover to reshape to even out the highs and lows of the pastry. Decorate with corner pieces of pastry (Sandra makes a couple of leaves for decoration) and egg wash top of pastry.

Preheat oven to 400* F.(high oven heat)
Cook for 45 minutes for rare.
Cook for 60 minutes for medium rare
Cook for 75 minutes for medium/well done

NOTE: Place cookie sheet on top rack to cut down heat.

Chateaux Breaux Sauce: Cook ingredients until they reduce; strain and add 2 tbsp of butter by whipping it into the mixture; Add reserved liquid auxelle , juices from pan frying the beef and a pinch of tarragon.

Serve by cutting across the beef Wellington to obtain 4 slices and serve Chateaux breaux sauce on the side.


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