spaghetti carbonara

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Preparation time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 10-20

Serves: 2


200g spaghetti (preferably wholemeal, takes longer to cook but tastes the same)
2 tsps olive oil (ordinary not extra virgin)
100g pancetta ( in a piece or in bits) or lardons or bacon chopped up
4 tbs white wine or Noilly Prat = Vermouth = white Martini)
1 whole large egg
1 egg yolk (I often use 2 whole eggs or just one)
4 tbs (20g) grated Parmesan (from a block which keeps for ages wrapped in foil in fridge don’t buy ready grated)
Black pepper
Nutmeg (don’t have to put it in but if you do buy a whole nutmeg which usually comes with a little grater, it tastes better than ground nutmeg which goes stale before you can use it up)
Tbs butter about 20g


1. Large pan boil water, when it’s boiling add a couple of tsps of salt (wait til it’s boiling as water boils slower with salt in it) Add spag set timer.
2. Put two bowls or plates in oven at 50C to get warm
3. In frying pan add oil, heat + pancetta or whatever fry til beginning to crisp.
4. Add white wine or vermouth, bubble til a couple of teaspoons of syrupy juice left. Take off heat.
5. Large bowl beat egg, cheese pepper and nutmeg (no salt, the bacon should be salty enough)
6. When the pasta’s cooked put bacon back on low heat
7.Take a cup full of pasta water out of the pan and keep, drain pasta through colander
8.Put pasta back in the hot pan, pour over egg mixture and mix thoroughly OFF THE HEAT OR YOU’LL GET SCRAMBLED EGG
9.Add the hot bacon and juices
10.If it looks too dry add a tablespoon or two of the reserved pasta water.


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