Peppers stuffed with Sausage and Spinach

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Main dish guaranteed to please. We like red bell peppers the most. It's NOT made with rice but breadcrumbs instead, so it's all sausage and peppers, no filler.

Preparation time: 30 mins
Cooking time: 45 mins

Difficulty: Medium - experience needed
Serves: 4-6

Dietary guidance: n 

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10 oz Bag of fresh spinach
Kosher or Sea Salt
6 Bell peppers (we like red)
6 Links sweet Italian sausage, casings removed
1/2 Vidalia onion, chopped
1 c Seasoned Italian breadcrumbs
Grated Parmesan cheese


1. Preheat oven to 400.

2. Clean the stems off the spinach, rinse and drain. The spinach should have a tiny bit of water on it still. Take a large saute or frying pan and heat over medium heat. Add the spinach in batches, sprinkling a little salt on each batch. Saute until wilted, about 3 minutes, stirring. Drain the spinach in a colander, allow to cool, and then chop.

3. Cut the peppers in half to make little boats. Remove the stems and seeds and white flesh inside. Rinse to get all the seeds off, then arrange in a shallow pan or a 13x9 baking pan.

4. Remove the casings from the sausage and chop up a bit. Cover the bottom of the saute pan with EVOO over medium heat. Add the sausage and brown, continuing to chop up into small, bite-sized pieces as you cook with a wooden spoon or that really cool chopper from Pampered Chef. Brown for at least 5 minutes or until all the pink is gone.

3. Add the chopped onions and saute for a couple more minutes. Add the spinach and stir and continue to saute. Remove from heat and add the breadcrumbs and stir until fully coated.

4. Start by adding 2-3 rounded tablespoons of mixture to each pepper boat. Sprinkle generously with parm cheese. Add a little water to just cover the bottom of the pan, less than a cup. Bake for 30 minutes.


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