Sabudhana Kichidi

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Sabudhana [Tapioca] Kichidi

Preparation time: 3hr
Cooking time: 15min

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners
Serves: 2

Dietary guidance: v v g d 

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* Sabudhana [Tapioca] - 2 cups
* Groundnut - 1/2 cup
* Chilli powder - 1 tsp
* Oil - 4~5 tbsp
* Jeera - 2 tsp
* Coriander - to garnish
* Salt - to taste


* Sash the sabudhana well
* Soak the sabudhana in a bowl for 2~3hrs Caution: The water must be just as the level of the sabudhana, excess water makes the sabudana sticky
* Meanwhile grind the groundnut well
* After 2~3hrs there must be no excess water in the bowl
* Heat oil in a pan
* When the oil is hot, slipt the jeera into it
* Add the soaked sabudhana into it and stir well
* Now add salt and chilly powder and mix well
* Once the sabudhana absorbs all the oil and color changes add the groundnut powder into it and stir well so that the powder mixes well with the sabudhana - about 2~3min
* Garnish with cut coriander and serve hot

Note: If you like to little over burn the kichidi at the bottom, add little more oil and keep the flame in high for 3~5min depending on the limit you require, but be careful dont make it char.


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