Baba Ganouj - Smokey Eggplant Dip

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Baba Ganouj is a Lebanese eggplant dip. Typically the eggplants are put on a rotisserie over charcoal to get the smokey flavour.

Preparation time: 5min
Cooking time: 20min

Serves: Many

Dietary guidance: v 

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3 Medium sized Eggplants
2 cups creamy greek yoghurt / Sour cream / blend of both
1 cup tahini or more to taste
1 Lemon- juice of
5 cloves of garlic - pureed or crushed
Salt & Pepper


1. Cut eggplants in half, and bbq on a charcoal bbq face down. If you don't have a charcoal bbq, bake in the oven face down on wax paper with olive oil. Make sure its cooked through and wrinkly.

2. Scoop out the insides into a sieve, including some of the charred bits- maybe 3 tbs of charred eggplant skin all together. This gives it the smokey flavour. discard the rest of the skin. Let the excess liquid drip out of the eggplant, pushing gently with a spoon. Let it sit for about 1 hr at room temperature dripping away. You can do the same with the yoghurt, tie it in a j-cloth with a bit of salt, and leave it in the fridge in a strainer over a pot. This makes for a really thick baba. If not, meh.

3. Place eggplant and garlic in a blender- process well but not tooo fine. You can use a blending wand too. Mix in the tahini and the yogurt in, and add salt and pepper to taste. Place in a tupperware and chill overnight.

4. To serve, spread out on a small plate, about an inch thick. Pour good quality olive oil in the center- and a dash of cayenne or paprika.

Serve with Lebanese flatbread!!!! YUMMOI!!!


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