Cream of Potatoes, Leeks and Lentils

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Fun saucy soup, but with a kick of creamy

Preparation time: 1 hr
Cooking time: 1hr

Difficulty: Medium - experience needed
Serves: 10

Dietary guidance: n 

Tags: soup · cream · creamy · leek · potatoe · leeks · potatoey ·


1. Qt. heavy cream
2. ½ gallon chicken stock or use chicken base
3. Roughly enough roux, or have fun with some chocolate roux
4. 8 medium gold/yellow potatoes
5. 1. large bushel of leeks, ok maybe not a bushel, we're not cooking for an army
6. 1 ½ bags of lentils of your favorite color, they have others
7. 1. stalk of celery
8. 1 ½ medium onion yellow
9. 2. spoonfuls fresh or minced in oil “prepared” garlic
10. 1. stick of butter, la naturalè. Add olive oil if needed
11. spices salt and pepper of course, garlic salt, fresh cracked pepper preferably tri-colored peppercorns, a tiny bit of fresh rosemary, season as needed add spicy flavors if you like or don't I wont be upset. I tend to use a lot of pepper in this one to kick it up a notch


First pray to the kitchen Gods, especially the ones who help you to not cut, burn, poison or impregnate anyone or yourself accidentally. Almost all soups or the good ones start off with a basic trinity of onion, celery, and fresh garlic sauteed in a large pot with butter salt and pepper, er' sweated some say. Sweating is almost the condition that this trinity will be in when its about time to start adding the other ingredients, sweated will look like the celery and onion are sweating in a sauna, flimsy and an opaque color. 'that is if opaque is a color, I'm blonde” Start by adding lentils, mix, add stock or stock you made from scratch or from the base. “or do what ever you want, your not gonna listen anyways” Then stir quickly and add your large cubed meltdowns, I meant, potatoes and bring to a boil. “see this is easy way to go you get a treat” Chop or slice the leek into finger width rings and throw into all ready boiling cauldron! Then add your cream to the sauce. “Bam! Your soup just loved that” Stir. Start adding seasoning be polite about it at first because you can always add more later whilst its still hot. I'm not a type of exact seasoning type person if I had to take a really good educated guess, I would add about 1 tsp. Of regular pepper, 3 tsp. Of tri-peppercorn, 2 tsp. Of garlic salt, and I personally enjoy rosemary so I use half of a half, a sprig and then chop fine. Maybe some spicier, saucy spices like turmeric or coriander or hot peppers mmmmm. “Don't forget your soup is still boiling unless your the type who got this all ready ahead of time. Well you didn't enjoy it your supposed to trip over your own self trying to get this stuff in the pot in time, anyways.” If your soup is still boiling and it should be start adding small scoops of roux in whilst also stirring the pot. Are you not sure what roux is, because I'm not sure what the word comes from exactly either, try this web site Thickening Agents For Sauces And Soups Reviewed. Not only do they have roux as their first on this document but a good explanation and about ten other good choices, many of them healthier. You could always try a chocolate roux but good luck figuring that one out. Some Key Ingredients for Louisiana Cuisine. Stir in enough roux till its thickened pretty well for your taste, but don't make a paste. Add some warm milk to the soup if you need to straighten-it-out. Your soup should have boiled for 15-20 min if not keep going. Turn pot onto simmer and let hang loose for another 20 min. Come back to soup; tasting, add spices if needed if your a 100 year old women and can't taste anything anyways don't add anything, ask your cat Wisker's opinion of what it might need. Be Careful with salt. It can cause bloating. Let soup stand on stove till chilled to room temperature with metal ladle inside not ALL THE WAY covered, lid off to the side to let steam escape, when chilled cover put in fridge and eat the next day. GooD luCK? Note: you don't have to follow this exactly I'm used to the restaurant business the hot kitchen side and when measure a lot by instinct so just understand this is a guideline. A fun guideline in which to experiment.


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