The Nutty Carrot Pasta Sauce (veggie or vegan)

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An easy-to-make and yummy pasta sauce for all veggies out there. Only 3 main ingredients!

Serves: 2-4

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- 5-10 medium sized and peeled carrots.

- 100-200 ml of finely chopped hazel nuts (peeled, of course, but it's easier to buy them pre-peeled).

- 200 ml of creme fraiche (10% fat) (or whatever you like best) OR soy/oat cream suitable for vegans.

- vegetable soup (bought in stock cubes or as powder)

- lots and lots of dried thyme.

Spices: Black pepper and salt (ordinary or herbal).


1.) Peel the carrots and cut them into small pieces, approx. 1 cm thick. Chop the hazel nuts carefully and put on the side (they are added later).

2.) Boil the carrots (only) in the vegetable soup until they are soft. In the meantime, also prepare and boil your favourite pasta.

3.) When the carrots are soft and ready, pour away the remaining water and use a hand mixer/hand blender to turn the hot carrots into something sauce-like. You can also mash them manually with an old-styled potato masher. Pour the Creme Fraiche (or soy/oat cream) into the carrot purée and stir well.

4.) Add lots of thyme and also some pepper and salt, have a taste and add more spices if you like. Let the sauce boil for maybe half a minute more to release the taste of the spices.

5.) Take away the pot from the stove and add the chopped hazel nuts. These should not boil!! The sauce should be quite thick when it's done.

6.) Serve immediatly to your favourite pasta.

Easy, healthy and yummy. :)


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