Hungarian "Korozott" Cream Cheese Spread

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körözött is a perfect spread on any type of bread, but especially whole-grain, hard bread swedish style (wasa) or bagels.

Preparation time: 10 min, but more if you make your own cheese base
Cooking time: 5 min


Dietary guidance: v 

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200 grams cottage cheese or feta, for best results use eastern european style tùrò (tvorog, twarog)*
1 table spoon real butter
1 tea spoon spicy hungarian paprika powder
1 finely chopped onion
a pinch of powdered cumin (caraway)

optional additions, i add them all**:
finely chopped chives, to your taste
mustard (dijon), to your taste
a little bit of sambal oelek

* you can make it yourself using buttermilk
** careful so they don't overpower the cumin taste.


mix & mash all the ingredients in a bowl, let it sit in the fridge for a while, and voilà :)


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