The fart killer (a trick for veggies)

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Eating lots of veggie food such as beans makes many people fart alot. It's natural, but annoying. This easy trick can help you.

Preparation time: 2 mins
Cooking time: none

Serves: 1

Dietary guidance: v 

Tags: herbs · spices · veggie · cure · fart · gas · herbal · medicine ·


- One teaspoon of whole caraway (cumin) seeds.
- One teaspoon of whole anise seeds.
- One teaspoon of whole fennel seeds.
- Your favourite honey.


1.) Mash the seeds together in a mortar (or similar). This is to release the aroma and the important substances.

2.) Mix the seeds with one tablespoon of your favourite honey.

3.) Eat this spoon of honey every time you eat beans, onions or something else that produces gases.

It should help, at least a little bit!

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