Portugese Inspired Pork Thing

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What you come up with when you're one pork chop short of a meal for three.

Serves: 3 to 4

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2 good sized pork chops
1 onion
A handful or two of sliced chorizo
1 tin of tomatoes
Dried Chillies
Black Pepper
Rock Salt
Olive oil


Take chops out of fridge. Put the frozen chop back in the fridge. Wonder how you're going to prepare dinner for three out of ingredients for two.

Cut the meat off of the chops. Bash with a rolling pin for a bit. Cut the flatter meat up into same size chunks. Set aside.

Put 2 tbsp flour, a fair amount of paprika, 2 heaped tsp oregano, loads of black pepper in an ovenproof dish. Mix together. Toss meat in flour mixture until well dusted.

Hot frying pan, olive oil, brown meat a few pieces at a time to maintain a high heat. Remove when golden and crispy. Set aside.

Clean out floury dish. Empty the tin of tomatoes and some chunkily cut onion into it. Add 1 tsp oregano, some paprika, loads of black pepper. If I'd had garlic I would have added that too. Sprinkle in a dried chilli or several, depending on desired intensity and type of chilli you have. I had piri piri chillies from the South Devon Chilli Farm (they do mail order).

Chuck in browned pork and sliced chorizo sausage.

Mix up.

Bung in oven (no idea what temperature... 180 to 200 ish). Cook until you think it is cooked (reckon it was about 40 minutes).

Eats well with oven roasted potatoes (par boil some new potatoes, sprinkle with onion, leftover sweetcorn, olive oil, rock salt, black pepper. Cook beside the pork). Would probably be really nice with cous cous as well.


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