Campfire potatoes

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i grew up with this recipe.... one of my favorite things to make when i go camping. and so easy!


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Potatoes (i'd say 1 for each person)
onion, sliced in narrow strips
paprika (or any seasoning you like)


after you've got a good campfire going with good heat (or after you've got a charcoal fire going with white charcoal giving out good cooking heat) start fixing up the potatoes.

wash potatoes. cut each potatoe into quarters. put 2 - 3 pats of butter onto potatoes. cut onion into narow strips and add as many onions on top of the potatoes as you like. everyone is different when it comes to onions! sprinkle with salt, pepper, and seasoning. wrap up each individual potatoe in aluminum foil, folding the quarters up around the onions and seasonings, wrapping them inside the potatoe. place each potatoe near the fire, close to a good, hot heat. let them sit near the heat until done, i'd say it takes about 20 - 30 minutes or more. potatoes will get black if they get to hot. unwrap and enjoy!


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