Lemongrass Sweet Tea

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A sweet tea infused with a herbalized lemon tea

Preparation time: 15
Cooking time:

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners

Dietary guidance: v v n g d 


2 Family Tea Bags Lipton Iced Tea
4 Lemon Zinger Tea Bags


Pour 1 quart of boiling water over teabags and let steep for 10 minutes,
remove the teabags and add to 2.5 quarts of cold water, and add sweetener.
I use about a cup of Agave Nectar. But its all up to you how sweet you want it. You can also use regular sugar, Cane Sugar, Brown Sugar, Stevia, or any other natural sweetener. Try to stay away from Artificial Sweeteners.
For the water I recommend using filtered water or spring water, if you can avoid it, do not use tap water, as the chemicals added (fluoride, chloride, etc.) alter the taste in a negative way.


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