Garbanzo Burgers

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Love, love, love these! It's great to keep already cooked rice in your refrigerator to save some time when you are in a hurry. Serve these burgers on whole grain rolls with lettuce, tomato and condiment of your choice.

Preparation time: 40-50 mins
Cooking time: 8-10 mins

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners
Serves: 4

Dietary guidance: v d 

Tags: main ยท


1 can garbanzo beans drained and mashed, 1/4 c toasted sunflower seeds, 1 1/2 c cooked brown rice, 1 small onion chopped, 1 small shredded carrot, 1/2 c shredded zucchini, 1/4 c bread crumbs, 1/4 c chopped fresh parsley, 1 egg lightly beaten, 2 T low sodium soy sauce, 1 1/2 tsp chopped fresh thyme (or 1/2 tsp dried), salt and pepper to taste, 1 T olive oil


In a large bowl, combine all ingredients except olive oil, mixing well. Form mixture into 4 patties. In a large skillet heat oil over madium heat and fry burges about 4 mins on each side.


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