meatballs, two kinds.

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Came out good. Ingredients are very approximate though: I wasn't paying any attention as I made this.

Preparation time: 2hrs
Cooking time: 1 hrs

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners
Serves: 10

Dietary guidance: n 


1T Ginger, 1t chili caribe, 1t Jerk spice, 1 habanero
2 cans beef broth, reduced about 50%
1 can cranberry sauce, 1/4 C brown sugar
1 jar "chili sauce" (tomatos, vinegar, chili powder)

3# hamburder, 8 eggs, 1.5C breadcrumbs, 1 C cooked barley, salt, pepper, oregano

1t rosemary, 1/2t dill, 1/2t allsipce,1t peppercorns,
1t beef stock concentrate
2T vinegar
1 can evaporated milk + 1/2pint heavy cream
1.5 stick butter + 2T flour


For the creamy ones, start with the roux, & spices, adding milk & cream last, then gentle simmer or straigt to the crock pot awaiting the meatballs.
For the sweet one, boil the stock first, reducing it dramatically, then simmer everything else.

For the meatballs, form into balls and bake 350 for an hour, then simmer in the sauce very low about another hour.


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